If you become a victim of IT fraud

Always respond immediately if you become a victim of IT fraud. It may help reduce any losses and damage.

Contact your IT administrator or IT department to get them to take the necessary precautions and possibly close down systems.

Have you been a victim of IT fraud?

  • Have you disclosed information about your business’s cards or accounts?

    If an unauthorised person has obtained your account or card details, you must contact us immediately on tel. +45 70 12 34 56.

  • Have you received fraudulent e-mails or text messages?

    Fraudulent e-mails and text messages may be impersonal and contain many spelling mistakes. Sometimes you will also see that the letters in the sender’s domain name have been reversed or replaced so that the name of the sender is not entirely correct. Instead of danskebank.dk, the domain name may be danskkebank.dk or danskebank.cn, and links in text messages may be incomprehensible or abbreviated, as in ‘bit.ly’. Skilled fraudsters may, however, send a fraudulent e-mail or text message in which the name of the sender is seemingly correct.

    • Delete the e-mail or text message without answering it.
    • Do not click any links.
    • Never disclose confidential information.

    Does it look as if Danske Bank is the sender?

    If the e-mail or text message uses Danske Bank as the sender or otherwise seems to come from Danske Bank, please report the unauthorised use to us. We will then remove the site from our approved lists, and in this way you will help protect others from fraudulent e-mails and text messages.

    You can report the unauthorised use by forwarding the e-mail or sending a screen shot of the text message to this address: falskemails@danskebank.dk.

  • If you want to report IT fraud to the police

    As a business, you are not obliged to report IT fraud to the police, but a police report may help provide an overview of the extent of the attack and contribute to better prevention in the long run. We can help you if you want to file a police report. Contact us on +45 70 11 41 15. You can also contact the police on tel. +45 114 or file a report at politi.dk.

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