At Danske Bank, we want to be well prepared for various types of external attacks, and we develop our security systems on an ongoing basis. So you are well protected when you use our online banking solutions

But we also want to help you improve your IT security. We make our knowledge and experience about IT fraud available to you and offer various security tools that you can implement in your business.

Advanced security systems

Danske eBanking Business, Business Online and all our apps run in encrypted and secure environments. This means that no unauthorised persons can gain access to your data via Danske Bank’s platforms, nor can they read or modify data transferred between your browser and Danske Bank. If an unusual transaction occurs on one of our platforms, our advanced monitoring systems enable us to intervene immediately.

Protection against fraudulent e-mails

Fraudulent e-mails are a major problem, and they become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to spot. At Danske Bank, we have several systems designed to intercept fraudulent e-mails. The systems protect not only Danske Bank, they also protect your business from getting e-mails from senders who pass themselves off as Danske Bank. Should a fraudster manage to send you an e-mail in our name, we will remove the fake website immediately .

IT fraud knows no limits

Danske Bank must be geared not only to prevent known types of attacks but also to counter future threats from criminals all over the world. Consequently, we take part in a number of international partnerships that use knowledge and experience sharing to combat IT fraud. Danske Bank is a member of the advisory board of the European Cybercrime Centre and engages in ongoing dialogue with other banks and leading IT experts.