How to increase security in Business Online

Our Business Online solution provides several possibilities of increasing payment security.

Use the many possibilities in Business Online

  • Restricted user access

    You can manage user rights to making payments and creating creditors. This allows you, for example, to restrict the number of users handling new or major creditors.

  • Two approvers

    You can use two-stage approval, requiring two users to approve transfers independently of each other. This makes it harder for hackers to make payments in the name of your business.

  • Payment limit

    You can limit the amount that can be transferred from a specific account or by a specific user.

  • Notification centre

    You can set mobile phones and tablets to alert you if account balances or payments exceed a certain limit.

  • User administration

    You can get an overview in real time of user mandates, access to accounts and access to setting up payments. And you can change user rights with immediate effect, 24 hours a day – also by mobile phone and tablet. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust security for payment transfers.

Watch a video about security functions in Business Online:


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