Improved insights into your investments

With the EU MiFID II regulation that came into force on 1 January 2018, we have introduced a number of improvements in the investment area. Most recently, we have made it even easier to get an overview of the costs associated with your investments.

Three ways in which we will give you better insights into your investments


    When you invest with us, we keep you updated on your investments. You will receive:

    • Individual reports
      You receive individual quarterly reports by default.

    • Direct notification if the value of your investment falls
      If you have a managed account solution with us, we will notify you directly if the value of the investment drops by more than 10 per cent relative to the value stated in the latest quarterly investment report. We will also notify you if you have a leveraged product (e.g. warrants and certificates), and the value drops by more than 10 per cent relative to the highest price that you have paid for the product.     

    When deciding on how to invest, it is important that you know the costs related to the various options. You get:

    • A detailed overview of costs in reports
      Your quarterly reports list your total costs, both as a percentage and in Danish kroner. The reports also include detailed information about your total costs. You can read more about the various costs here.

    • Cost handbook
      The handbook shows the costs of trading in individual securities. You can use the handbook as a supplement to your other price overviews before deciding how to invest. The handbook is available in the trading overview in your mobile bank and in eBanking. You can also access the cost handbook here.

    We have made it easier for you to access documentation of how we take all sufficient steps to produce the best results possible for our customers. Moreover, we now file more information about how we have executed your latest trades.

    • Documentation of how we execute trades
      You have access to quarterly reports that document how we ensure that our customers get the best possible results. You can find the documentation at

    • Filing of trading information
      Regardless of whether you invest yourself or we invest on your behalf, we file information about how we have advised you and executed trades. We keep the data on file for seven years.

Do you represent a large institution or corporation?

Here you can read more about what MiFID II means to you

Effects of MiFID

LEIs for businesses, associations and foundations

MiFID II requires that businesses (excluding sole traders), associations, and foundations have a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to trade securities or derivatives, including forward exchange transactions, that can be traded on stock exchanges or at other financial trading venues in Europe (EEA). This also applies if your business, association or foundation has a managed account solution, and we trade in this type of securities on your behalf.

The objective of LEIs is to make it easier for the authorities to monitor the market in order to further strengthen investor protection.

Read more about LEIs at (in Danish).

Facts about MiFID II

MiFID II is an abbreviation of ”Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II”. The directive comprises numerous rules that regulate the investment area. The rules apply throughout the EU.

The objective of the legislation is to strengthen investor protection, ensure a stable single market for investments and improve transparency to the benefit of all investors, including you.

Read more about MiFID II