Compensation for previously collected debt

We have now reviewed the majority of all customer cases in our debt collection systems for the root causes of the data errors that may unfortunately have caused us to overcollect customers.

You will receive a status report on your debt collection case
All customers who may be affected by the case will receive a letter from us informing them of the status of their case. If your business have paid too much, you will get the money back plus time compensation for the period during which the money should have been at your business disposal. The letter will explain how much you will be compensated and how the money will be transferred to your business

You can report an additional loss
If you believe that your business, as a result of errors in your debt collection case, have suffered an additional loss or other loss in addition to the amount you will be compensated, you can report this loss by filling in the form and sending it to us.  

 Report additional loss

All reports will be considered individually. 
We will contact you once we have looked into your report. 

You can read more and find answers to frequently asked questions here

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