Repayment of previously collected debt

Unfortunately, data errors in the IT system that handles the debt payable by customers of Danske Bank’s and therefore also Realkredit Danmark’s debt collection department have caused some of these debt collection customers to pay too much on part of their debt for a number of years. We sincerely apologise for this, and we are now paying customers back the money that they overpaid. We will also pay compensation for the period during which the money should have been at the customers’ disposal.

If you are entitled to a repayment

We are currently reviewing all cases that may be affected by the errors. Because of this, it may take some time before we know if you are entitled to a repayment.

All customers who may be affected by the errors will receive a letter from us. If you are entitled to a repayment of overpaid debt, this letter will inform you of the amount that will be repaid and will also explain how the money will be transferred to you.

You can report additional loss

If you believe that you have suffered an additional indirect loss or a loss in addition to the amount you will be repaid, you can report this loss by filling in the form and sending it to us. 
Anmeld tab   Report additional loss
When we have looked into your request, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Why are you contacting me?
    We are contacting you because Danske Bank and therefore also Realkredit Danmark has experienced errors in the IT system that handles the debt payable by customers of the debt collection department. This unfortunately means that in some cases we have collected more debt than we were entitled to.
  • What are these errors?
    In 2004, we introduced a new IT system to process debt collection cases. This resulted in data errors that unfortunately caused us in some cases to collect debt that was time-barred (out of date) or to collect a larger amount than the individual customers owed us.
  • How is the compensation amount calculated?
    If you are entitled to a repayment, the compensation amount has been calculated for the period during which time the money should have been at your disposal until the day you receive repayment from us. We have calculated this compensation on the basis of the official lending rate set by the Danish central bank plus the statutory margin (which was 7-8% for the period in question).
  • Will I have to pay tax on the amount received?

    We are currently in dialogue with the Danish tax authorities to determine whether the compensation amount is fully or partially taxable. We will inform you of this as soon as we have received clarification.

  • When will I get my money back?
    We will pay the money back as soon as possible. The letter that you will receive provides more information about when we will transfer the money to your account.