Danske Bank compensates customers in debt collection case

In 2004, Danske Bank introduced a new IT system to process debt collection cases. This resulted in some data errors that unfortunately caused us in some cases to collect debt that was time-barred (out of date) or to collect a larger amount than the customers owed us. We sincerely apologise for this. 

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You will be informed of whether you have paid too much
We have reviewed 197,000 customer cases in our debt collection system in which there is a risk of overcollection as a result of the original data errors. If you, as a customer, may be affected by the case, you will receive a letter from us informing you of the status of your case. 

If our investigation has found that we have collected too much debt from you as a result of the data errors, we will repay you the amount that was overcollected as well as time compensation for the period during which the money should have been at your disposal. Moreover, the outstanding debt will be adjusted in a large number of cases, and we are still working to recalculate all customer cases in which the original data errors may necessitate an adjustment of the outstanding debt.


Your case may also be affected by additional issues
During our investigations of the original data errors, we have unfortunately become aware of a number of potential additional issues that we are still looking into. You may therefore receive more letters from us informing you that your case may be affected. 

If your case has been affected by the data errors originally identified or any of the additional issues, any outstanding debt may be reduced. Unfortunately, we will only be able to inform you of your final outstanding debt amount once we have completed our investigations and have corrected the data errors and made corrections to our debt collection systems. 

Unfortunately, it is currently the assessment that with the new issues identified, customers would not get clarification before the end of 2024, and with a risk of this work extending into 2025, if further issues are identified.We are sorry that it is taking longer than we expected, but it is important that we carry out a thorough investigation of the issues so that we are able to clarify what implications these may have for your case and can determine whether you should receive compensation. As soon as this has been clarified and we know the exact amount of your final outstanding debt, we will contact you.

The repayment of your debt has been suspended 
No interest will accrue on your debt until we have completed the investigation of your case. Your payment of instalments will also be suspended to ensure that you do not end up paying too much. However, it is entirely up to you whether or not you would like to continue to pay off the debt while we investigate your case. If you choose to continue to pay your debt instalments, you should know that you may end up paying too much. If this is the case, we will of course compensate you for the amount that you have overpaid. The repayment of debt will be resumed when your case has been reviewed and any errors have been corrected.

You can report an additional loss
If you believe that you have suffered an additional loss as a result of errors in your debt collection case, you may contact Danske Bank and submit a compensation claim for this additional loss. Read more here


You can find Danske Bank’s statements to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority regarding the debt collection case here.

The media have previously raised points of criticisms of the issues related to our debt collection systems. You can read our response to the criticism here.

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