In 2004, Danske Bank introduced a new IT system to process debt collection cases. This resulted in some data errors that unfortunately caused us in some cases to collect debt that was time-barred (out of date) or to collect a larger amount than the customers owed us. 

Since we became aware of the errors, we have worked intensely to find a solution to the problems and compensate customers for any overcollection. However, as the remediation has progressed, new issues have emerged, which have increased the scope and complexity of the challenges considerably, resulting in a timeline for resolving the issues that could extend beyond 2024, which is unsatisfactory for our customers and Danske Bank. We have now finalised our work to develop an accelerated solution that provides clarity for the vast majority of our debt collection customers. 

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This solution means that the vast majority of our debt collection customers will have their debt set to zero. All affected customers will receive a letter in this regard within the next couple of months. 

What does it mean for you as a debt collection customer?
If you have made repayments on your debt, we are still in the process of examining whether you may have been subject to overcollection as a result of the additional issues identified in relation to the errors in our historical debt collection systems. We use a statistical model to enable a much faster resolution of your case than manual processing of all identified issues on an issue-by-issue basis. As this is a statistical model, we cannot rule out that there may be aspects in special cases that the model does not fully capture and that may affect the compensation. To mitigate the fact that using a model is less precise than manual reviews, the model has been designed to increase the level of customer compensation to the benefit of the customer. If you are entitled to compensation, we will contact you.

Collection of debt transferred for debt collection as from 1 October 2020 to be resumed 
If your debt was transferred for debt collection after we initially suspended our debt collection as of 1 October 2020, it is not covered by the solution, and you will be contacted directly. Interest accrual on the debt and collection of debt payments remain suspended until we have completed our investigations. We expect to resume our debt collection during 2023. 

You are welcome to contact us – and report an additional loss
You are welcome to email us at or call us on +45 55 85 03 68 if you have any questions about how we have handled your case. You may also submit a compensation claim if you believe that you have suffered an additional loss as a result of errors in your debt collection case. Read more here