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Danske Bank has collected too much debt from some debt collection customers

In 2004, Danske Bank introduced a new IT system to process debt collection cases. This resulted in some data errors that unfortunately caused us in some cases to collect debt that was time-barred (out of date) or to collect a larger amount than the customers owed us. We sincerely apologise for this. 

We are reviewing all cases
We are reviewing all cases individually, and we will contact affected customers directly. We are now paying money back to those customers from whom we collected too much, and these customers will also receive compensation for the period during which the money should have been at their disposal. We have chosen to adopt a cautious approach, which means that we will be reviewing all debt collection cases that could be affected by the errors to ensure that we find every affected customer.

Temporary suspension of repayment in numerous debt collection cases 
To further reduce the risk of over-collection, we are temporarily suspending debt repayment in cases that carry a risk of the customer paying too much before we have completed our review of the case. Collection will be resumed when each case has been reviewed and any errors have been corrected. Furthermore, no interest will accrue on the debt during the period when repayment is temporarily suspended.

To provide full flexibility, customers whose repayment has been temporarily suspended can choose to continue to repay their debt while we carry out our review.

In which cases will repayment not automatically be temporarily suspended?
Because we know that many customers want to pay off their debt as quickly as possible, collection of debt will continue for customers who have started repayment but for whom the risk of over-collection is very low. Even though we will continue to collect debt from these customers, interest accrual will also be temporarily suspended in these cases until each individual case has been reviewed. 

To provide full flexibility, customers in this group can choose to temporarily stop repayment of their debt while we carry out our review.

You can report an additional loss
If you believe that you have suffered an indirect loss, you can contact us and submit a compensation claim for this additional loss. Read more here


You can find Danske Bank’s statements to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority regarding the debt collection case here.

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