Interest rates on deposits and loans

On this site you can read our current interest rates on both deposits and loans

Danske Indlån savings account

 If you have your NemKonto with Danske Bank, the rate of interest on savings in a Danske Indlån account will be raised from 1 May 2023. The interest rate is variable and depends on the size of your savings:  

  • 0.75% p.a. for deposits up to DKK 100,000 
  • 1.50% p.a. for the part of deposits that exceeds DKK 100,000 

If you do not have your NemKonto with Danske Bank, the interest rate will be 0% p.a.


How to open a Danske Indlån account

It is easy, and free of charge, to open a Danske Indlån account in Danske Mobile Banking or Danske eBanking. There is no commitment period and you can transfer money to the account whenever you want. Moreover, one withdrawal/transfer from the account per month is free of charge. Additional withdrawals/transfers are subject to a fee of DKK 40 per transaction.

Read more about the terms and conditions applying to Danske Indlån accounts. 

Guide to opening a Danske Indlån account in Danske eBanking



The Danske Toprente savings account

Danske Toprente is a savings account, where your savings are placed in a restricted access account for a fixed term in return for a favourable interest rate. Your savings are tied up for 6, 12 or 24 months and you can deposit from 40,000 DKK and up to 25,000,000 DKK. Read more and order the account here (only in Danish)

Favourable interest rate on child savings accounts, Danske Gave gift accounts and accounts for children.

We are changing the variable interest rate applying to child savings accounts and Danske Gave gift accounts to 1.50% p.a. for the full amount deposited. 
Furthermore, we raise the interest rates for Ponduskonto, Danske Ung and Min Konto accounts: 

  • 0.75% p.a. for deposits up to DKK 100,000 
  • 1.50% p.a. for the part of deposits that exceeds DKK 100,000

You do not need to have your NemKonto with us to obtain the above interest rates.

Interest rates on loans

On 20 February 2023, we raised the interest rate payable on bank loans and credit facilities by 1.1 percentage points. If you have products affected by the newest interest rates, you have received a letter explaining what this means for you.

Are you a Private Banking customer?

There are special terms for you as a Private Banking customer.

Read more here 

Find the right investment

Do you have cash deposits, and would you like to learn more about investment options? 

Find the right investment here 

Do you need advice about your options?

You are always welcome to book a meeting with us if you want to discuss your options in relation to savings and/or investing. 

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