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Overcollection of debt in news coverage: What is it all about and who is affected?

As has been reported by many media outlets, our debt collection department has in error collected debt from customers that should not have been collected. We sincerely apologise for this, and we are now repaying the difference between what should have been paid and what was actually paid. We will also pay compensatory interest for the period during which the money should have been at the customer’s disposal.

Which customers are affected?
Only customers of our debt collection department in Denmark are affected. Normal loans are not affected by the errors. 

If you are a customer of our debt collection department in Denmark, what should you do?

If you are entitled to repayment of overcollected debt, you will receive a letter from us in which we inform you about how much you will be repaid and when the money will be transferred to your NemKonto account.

As detailed in the media, this issue potentially affects many customers, and we are looking into all individual cases as quickly as we can and will contact you if you are affected. Due to the complex nature of the matter, it may take us up to 12 months to look into all individual cases. Please accept our apologies for this waiting time.

The matter in brief
In 2004, Danske Bank introduced a new IT system to process debt collection cases. This system resulted in a number of data quality issues that unfortunately meant that in a number of cases more debt was collected from customers than should have been.

The data quality issues meant that Danske Bank collected debt that was obsolete (should no longer have been collected) or in some cases collected a larger amount than the customer involved owed.

How many customers are affected?

We are reviewing all cases individually, and we will contact affected customers directly. Because we have chosen to take a cautious approach, we will be reviewing approximately 106,000 individual cases to ensure that we find each and every customer who has been affected by the error. Our expectation is that up to 15,000 customers will receive a repayment. Up until now, we have reviewed around 17,000 individual cases, and so far around 900 customers will either receive a repayment or will have their outstanding debt reduced. 

For the vast majority of customers, the repayment amount is between DKK 1,000 and DKK 2,000; however, there are individual cases where the repayment amount will be greater than this.

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